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Purpleheart Yggdrasil Coasters

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$10.00 USD
Individual Coaster


Unique and beautiful, these Purpleheart Yggdrasil Coasters are a great addition to any home!  They’re 4 inches in size, made of purpleheart wood (a very hard wood from South America), and feature an intricate Yggdrasil laser engraved design. Includes a cork backing to protect your table surface.

Yggdrasil is the great tree that holds together the Nine Realms in Norse mythology. The tree connects all of existence, with its branches reaching up to the heavens and down to the underworld.

You can pick up a set of four or mix & match individually. Add a splash of quirk to your coffee table! Whether you want to go big and purchase the full set of 4, or just get one for you, these coasters are the perfect way to add some style to any surface!